Friday, June 18, 2010

Why I Ride - Reason #1

Photo Credit: Mei Teng

Many different people ride for many different reasons. I could say that there are as many reasons to ride a bicycle as there are people out there riding, but I would be wrong.

There are more reasons than that.

Still that isn't what I am writing about today. I am here today to write about why I ride, about what gets my fat butt off the chair and into the saddle. Even as I sit here writing this I have to confess, I would rather be out riding. This self-imposed ban on riding I am currently going through (while my shoulder heals) has left me too much time to think. This is the first reason I ride.

1. It stops the voices in my head.

Well actually it doesn't stop them, I haven't found anything that stops the voices. Riding seems to focus the voices and allow them to sound more like deep thoughts and less like an ADD 6 year old on a pixie stix sugar rush. There is just something about riding that forces me to leave alot of the baggage I carry around behind. When you get right down to it it seems that there just isn't room enough on the bike for me and the worries and distractions of the day. Sure all the worries and distractions will be waiting for me when I get back but that just seems more of a reason to stay out there than anything else.

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