Monday, June 14, 2010

Waiting ... ARGH!

Yesterday I got lucky, really lucky. You see I have been wanting to pick up a old beater bike that I could tear apart, strip, and build back up. I wanted to get a bike that I could learn from and not worry about braking it. So I posted a WTB on the Bike Pittsburgh Forum and the very next day I get a message saying

"I have a bike for you and if you come and get it you can have it"

So now I am just waiting to hear back with directions to go and pick up the bike. So like the addict I am I have the shakes as I stare at my phone and wait for it ring. (Come on -- RING dang you!!)

In Fact one of the reasons I started this blog was to have someplace to document the process of stripping and rebuilding the bike as well as my soon to be daily commute from my home to town. I am hoping to start commuting several times a week.

Update --
As soon as I lost the ride, I got the call, Now it wont be until thursday -- somebody please just kill me

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