Friday, June 25, 2010


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Style, I have to admit I don't have it. I don't worry about it, you see, I never had it so it is something I don't miss. Lets face some facts, one of the main reasons I don't wear Bike Shorts and Bike Shirts is that I am a Fat guy on a Big Orange Bike. I have looked and I simply cannot find a Bike Shirt that will fit me and while I know that I would be much more comfortable in Bike Shorts I also know that it will be some time before I can fit in to largest pair of Bike Shorts I could find.

So until then I do the best I can, I wear black shorts and the loudest shirts I can find. This however isn't what I really wanted to talk about, I just wanted to be sure that all of you who read understand where I am coming from before I go on to talk about those "others"


I read a forum post recently where someone wrote about how inconsiderate "Those Cyclist" are. He then went on to describe 'Those Cyclist' (I will call them TC from now on) as those guys in spandex on road bikes.  After this he talked about how nice those guys on Mountain Bikes, Junkers and Cruisers are.

As one who rides A Mountian Bike I really should agree with him.  Alas I cannot. You see I have seen many A biker clad in Lycra and riding the carbon fiber dream machine streak past me as I gasp and wheeze. Still I am greeted with a smile a nod and even a hearty and hale 'G-Monrin' . This gives me a good feeling deep down in the cockles of my heart (maybe even the sub-cockle area) This warm and fuzzy feeling is tempered by the also many times I have been snubbed, ignored, or accosted by these same people (TC).

What I am trying to say in my oh so long winded way is that in every group of people there are good ones and there are bad ones, and the truth is that you can really tell the difference from what they are wearing.

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