Sunday, June 20, 2010


From the Ataxian

Some days I need to get some perspective, other days I have way to much. Earlier in the week you can read me moan about the how I didn't ride my bike into town (a distance of 12 miles) because I woke up late and it looked like rain. 

Some of you are thinking "What kind of freak would ride their bike in the rain?" if you are thinking that, well I can understand it.

The rest of you are thinking "Mmmmmmmm Rain" if your thinking that, well, frankly, I'm jealous.

Now if you watch the video Above about Kyle Bryant and the RAAM (Race Across America 3000 miles in 10 days) you will begin to understand what I mean about perspective. It becomes difficult for me to balk at a 12 mile bike ride that I know I can do easily when confronted by that video. All my life I have suffered from an acute lack of perspective. I would get so wrapped up in my own problems, or more truthfully, so wrapped up in ignoring my own problems, that I would end up helplessly entangled in one problem or another.

Perspective is tough, Perspective is dangerous. I am learning that perspective requires honesty and honesty is hard. It is honesty that requires me to admit that I am a Fat Guy on an Orange Bike because I spent year after year eating my own weight in lard. I have to stop blaming everything else and just suck it up and keep my cakehole shut.

Honesty is rough but I'm working on it.

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