Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All Rain - No Love

 Well today was going to be the day that I started my commute from my home in Penn Hills to Downtown Pittsburgh. It seems as if the enemies of cyclists everywhere have conspired against me on this part. I did everything I could think of to get ready.

I set my Alarm clock early so I would have time for the commute
I packed my backpack with work clothes
I set out my biking clothes (helmet and gloves)
I made sure I had patch Kit and emergency Pump
I had two bottle of water in the fridge

I was ready

Perhaps if you are a bit more commuter savvy than I you may have noticed what I didn't do in the list above.

While I set the Alarm I never actually turned the alarm on.
Nowhere in the list was there any mention of me checking the weather

So when I woke up late (not to late just around my normal time) to find gray clouds and rain I had to admit defeat, un pack my backpack and head out to catch the bus.

Oh well there is always tomorrow


  1. good start, better luck next time. I had almost the exact opposite thing happen to me on Tuesday. I woke up late and heard the rain, so I planned to drive. I get in the car and pull away from the curb only to realize I have a completely flat tire. Now, I'm running late, so I grab my rain jacket and sprint to work on my bike! Only 5 minutes later than I would have been by car and a little wetter.

  2. Only 5 min - That is fantastic, I hope to eventually ride to town everyday (rain or shine) I just don't want to start out on a rainy day

  3. fenders! I will admit, a parka/rain jacket/something waterproof on top helps too, but now that it's so warm, at least on my way HOME, I like a little rain to cool me off :D

    Fantastic beginning here, I look forward to more :D

  4. I am looking forward to a nice ride in the rain, just not on the first day. im thinking a yehuda moon rain cape

  5. Hey, saw you on Bike-Pgh. You had the backpack of work clothes, maybe put it in a bag or something so they don't get wet?

    Rain cape might help. I've generally resigned to getting wet when it rains. I think the sooner you except that the better off you'll be :P So far it has been pretty warm when it rains, in the winter\fall I have more deterrents against the water.

  6. LeftofSanity

    Yeah Im a huge fan of Bike-Pgh I wasnt to worried about the clothes getting wet, I have a waterproof shell for the backpack. it was more of I didn't want to make my first ride into town a ride in the rain. Couple this with the whole getting up late and it was time to chalk it up to experience and catch the bus