Friday, December 17, 2010


Some people dream of loved ones, some of being loved.

Cyclists dream of hills.

Pittsburgh Cyclists Dream of the "Dirty Dozen" the thirteen steepest hills in Pittsburgh including what is arguably the steepest road in the world. Canton Ave.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


OK i will admit it, not that is could come as much of a shock to anyone. two of my favorite things in the world are Bikes and Women.

I know, but it is true.So when Robot vs Badger posted the hottest 100 bikes and babes photos I had to go and take a look. (warning some of these photos contain nudity and are not child safe or work safe so you are warned)

What surprised me was the fact that I was apparently checking out the bikes first then noticing the pretty girl.

Getting old is rough

Friday, December 10, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

Spent lunchtime today participating in the Yehuda Moon Virtual Alleycat Race so I didn't have time to get anything together for today. What I did do is find a whole slew of biking sites. So from the Pages of I give you Heelz on Wheelz. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Peter Gabriel on a Bike

The great guys over at found this and posted it on their great biking site. I just had to re-blog this as a nice Sunday surprise for everyone.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bike Table

Photo Credit: Del Cruiser

Found in the MAKE Flickr pool:

I love these tables made from repurposed bike parts, built by Flickr user Del Cruiser.

Monday, November 29, 2010


I Want

I try to live an un-materialistic lifestyle, I really do. I have always preferred function over fashion. That may change if Moab's Earth Studio keeps tempting me with tasty treats like what you see above.  This Laser Cut metal ornament is but one of the many bike related treats you will find on their website and please feel free to buy them. (click to read article on and see the other photos.)

just remember to send me one.


Locking Your Bike

Found over at

A Great Video (and rather humorous) on how to lock up your bike.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vegetarian Thoughts

Photo Credit: Chotda

Well I have been trying out the whole Idea of either not eating meat or eating very little meat (I haven't really decided). While I did eat meat on Thanksgiving it was the only meat I have eaten for quite while. Now let say first and foremost that this is not some animal rights / environmental / political thing. Cause it is none of those things.

I think meat is delicious and deserves to be eaten.
I Don't have political leaning (at all)
I doubt anything I eat or don't eat will have any effect on the environment

It was just time for a change, time for a chance for me to look outside my comfort zone and try to something I have never tried before. Over the past couple of weeks I have learned some things.

1. This is difficult
2. No regular reseraunt has any idea what no meat means
3. At home I have a surprisingly large number of options.
4. Not all Vegetarian meals are healthy
5. Some People are really cool about it
6. Some People - not so much.

I expected some of my friends to tease me (and I am happy to say they did not let me down) The photos of meat pizzas and steaks I got on my phone were what I expected and had less of an effect than I thought they would.

You see I love eating meat. I thought I would have a really hard time giving up meat but so far I haven't gone through the withdrawal that I thought I would. So things are looking up and the lunch I had today was crazy tasty.

Vegetable Broth
Canned Vegetables

add salt pepper and garlic powder and you are good to go. I think the whole thing cost me like 4 bucks.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

little bitty kiddy 'bent

Found on Make Magazine

so this showed up in my reader today and I have to wonder just one thing... You think her dad would be to upset if kicked her off the bike and took it for my very own.

Kiddy sized Recumbent on Make magazine.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Review - Spin Doctor Essential Repair Stand

I picked up this bike stand at Performance Bikes today was planning on doing a review.

Notice the word Planning

When I went to put it together none of the bolts needed to assemble the bike were in the box.

I know that I may just be the unlucky one who ended up getting screwed but I just can't recommend something when I can't even put it together without a trip to the hardware store.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Vegetarian attempt Day #3

Photo Credit: ME

This is Hard.

For those of you who know me and are wondering "WHAT!!" and looking up in the sky for Jesus to return since this must be one of the seven signs of the apocalypse. Ill just say "Don't go running into the bomb shelter just yet. I don't expect it to be a lifestyle change. Instead I have decided to try and go meat free until thanksgiving. Partly to see if I can do it and in part to see what kind of lifestyle changes I would need to make. I have several friends who are vegetarians and I wanted a look into what they live with.

It has been an interesting few days.

Tuesday night at Wendy's with a friend of mine was the last time I had any meat. I have learned that this is a lifestyle you can't just decide to do easily as my snack last night was a cucumber sandwich. My kitchen and food supplies just aren't focused on the idea of 'No Meat'. Likewise my prospects for lunch at work are looking a little slim. veggie hoagie from subway - cheese Pizza from little Ceasers or salad from Get Go.

I should of done more research before blindly deciding to give this a try on Wednesday morning. I am however loving the looks I am getting from people who know me. I am wondering what changes (if any) I will see in the 8 days until Thanksgiving. (that is assuming I don't snap and kill and eat some small child.)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Making change is hard

Photo Credit: MKSavage

I had a conversation with a friend of mine last night that has really given somethings to think about.  We are both the same age and are both Larger people (I am far larger than he). We were talking about just how hard it is make a change for the better, and how seemingly easy it is to make a change for the worse.  To make things worse we both seemed to be surrounded by people who seem to think the answer is to just say;

“It’s easy just don’t eat so much.”
“Why don’t you just get more exercise?”

To me, that is like telling an alcoholic, “Just don’t drink.” or a smoker to “Just don’t smoke.” Having been a smoker and having struggled to quit I can tell you that those words ring hollow. When I hear things like that I just want to tell the person;

“No really, it’s easy, just don’t be a dick anymore.”

While I have never had the guts to actually say that, there were times when those words danced on the tip of my tongue. We talked for quite awhile and while we talked I knew this conversation would cling to me. I knew I would be carrying parts of this conversation for a long time after I had hung up the phone. We talked about needing to make a change in our lives and having to find a way to do more than just talk about making a change.

This is a difficult thing.

I have long preached about the evils of ‘I Can’t!’ and it is true, I believe that I can make a change. I also believe that making that change is going to be hard and if I have learned anything in the years I have lived it is that I will fail over and over again. I’m thinking I need to change the meaning of ‘Fail’ and ‘Succeed’.

This is also a difficult thing.

I’m not sure I have any answers, which makes me really uncomfortable. I’m a guy, we are all about having the answers, and making sure you know it.

I look at the idea of ‘Change’ and ‘Fail’ and ‘Succeed’ and I see how I need to change the meanings of those words in light of what I am struggling with. I need to stop looking at the forest and start looking at the trees (yeah I went there, reverse cliche) I end up overwhelmed thinking

“I’m old”
“I’m fat”
“I’m lazy”

When I really should be thinking

“I’m alive”

Each Moment is new, each moment is a chance to make a better choice. I have to find a way to forget about all the choices made before the eternal NOW. I can’t change them and worrying about them is going to me more harm than good. Now every moment can be a chance to make a better choice, rather than a time to regret the past.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Incredible Video of Danny MacAskill

Thanks to Jason over at Bike Pgh Forums

Shimon Schocken's Rides of Hope

From TEDx Tel Aviv, Computer science professor Shimon Schocken is also an avid mountain biker. To share the life lessons he learned while riding, he began an outdoor program with Israel's juvenile inmates and was touched by both their intense difficulties and profound successes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DIY Truing Stand - Bike Hacks

Photo Credit: Reader Rob from Melbourne, Australia

Found this DIY truing stand over at Bike Hacks read on for complete article. I am going to have to give this one a try. I will try to document my progress.

Full Article

Monday, November 15, 2010

This is why I ride

Photo Credit: Hugger Industries

That would be Sarah Rodgers, Austin Artist and Roller Girl.

Some thoughts about Cycling

Photo Credit: The Colour Blue

I have noticed some things this weekend. These aren't earth shaking revelations and to be honest they are things I realized before but have been brought into a clearer focus for me as I have them repeated. I have been house-sitting for a friend in Brentwood and I have been enjoying cycling to work in the mornings and being walking distance to several shops (including Giant Eagle, Liquor store, and Caribou Coffee)

View Larger Map

The Idea of becoming less car dependent has been brewing in the back of my mind for several months. This is just a little ironic since I don't have a driver's License so I am by my very nature very car independent. Still I have seen that there are many things that go into making a neighborhood more, or less, Pedestrian/Cyclist friendly. I have always known that I live in a Very Pedestrian/Cyclist unfriendly township (Penn Hills).

I ride my Bicycle in Penn Hills, I visit my family, go to the store, and sometimes (not often enough) I go to the gym. I am not afraid to ride my bike in Penn Hills but I admit I feel out of place riding my bike in Penn Hills. The roads are narrow, the shoulders are worse, and the drivers seem to have no idea what to do with me. So these last few days have been something like a Bicycle Heaven for me.

Now granted we are much closer to the city where I am staying and I know this is part of the reason for it. I also know that I am lucky in that even in this neighborhood I am on the main ridge and close to shopping area. even a few blocks away from the main road and you are facing some rather daunting hills. What I am saying is that I begin to see what a neighborhood built around the idea of a Pedestrian/Cyclist being the main form of transport would look like. I also see just how far we are from ever achieving that.

and that is a very sad thing.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Somedays are Better

Photo Credit: ME

Today isn't one of them, well it kind of is. I got to Ride into work today and it went well.. for the most part. Last night I threw my bike in my friends van, taking the front tire off  to make it fit in the back. This morning when I headed into town the first thing I did was head down the hill. Halfway down I realized I never re-attached my front brake. My only brake. As you can see from the picture above I did manage to stop, at the price of my shoe. 

Other than that it was a wonderful if chilly ride into town.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Peer Pressure

Photo Credit: ME (click for flickr album of Reverse Keg Ride)

As I sit here with the last of the Snow Melt growler from East End Brewing  in the glass and look back over the weekend I see that things have changed. I know that I have talked about this before but it seems that I keep learning just how much I have changed. Since I began riding with all the cool people from Bike Pgh I have felt like cycling has taken on a whole new life. So here is the story of Peer Pressure - The Good Kind.

Saturday Morning dawned clear and rather cold, colder than I would normally even think of going for a ride. Still a ride was just what I had planned, and not just any ride and not just one of my solo rides that I would take to get away from everyone. Saturday morning was the Reverse Keg Ride this was a charity ride and the charity in question for the Reverse Keg Ride was Southwinds a non-profit agency which provides quality residential care and life skills training for adults with developmental challenges through out Allegheny County. (Confession I had to look up the charity on the website) 

The ride started out good with a quick ride across the Hot Metal bridge and into panther Hollow. This is where I hit the spot I knew I was going to end up in. Lets face it folks the name of the Blog isn’t  Fat Guy on an Orange Bike because I think it is a catchy title, but because it is an accurate title. The hill from Panther Hollow up into Oakland made me want to die. In the end I had to get off the bike and walk up part of the hill. Once again I was the one at the back making everyone wait for me. (Can’t say i like that feeling)

Here is where the whole peer pressure thing starts. As I huffed and puffed and felt like I was going end up with an aneurysm (or well I was hoping I would get one just to get out of going up the hill.) During all of this I wasn’t alone. Several of the riders who I know could of blown up that hill but instead hung back and encouraged me to keep on going. Even when I got up to the top of the hill, I was ready to turn around and head back to town, throw the bike on a bus and go home and feel sorry for myself.  (one of the things I have gotten good at over the years) Still this group of riders kept on encouraging me until I got back on the bike and rode on to the brewery.

I made it, and the ride made the beer taste that much better. As we all hung out behind the Brewery and enjoyed the glass of Snow Melt (a wonderfully hoppy dark beer) and at 7% ABV the beer did have a kick that snuck up on you. We drank, talked, laughed and for once I didn't feel like the odd man out.

Sometimes Peer Pressure is a good thing

Friday, October 29, 2010


Thanks Edmonds over at the Bike Pgh Forums for posting this. I agree, looks like I need to move to Budapest.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Urban Commuting

Photo Credit: SlinkyDragon

Found this on Commute by Bike written by Josh King

10 rules for urban commuting.

1. Obeying traffic rules is not your first priority. There are traffic rules aplenty to deal with in urban riding – street lights, stop signs, one way streets, construction zones, bus lanes, etc.  Obeying these rules is all well and good, but priority number one is staying safe.  I will unapologetically admit to breaking at least a half-dozen traffic rules each way, every day.  Roll through stop signs? You bet.  Run red lights?  Check.  Disobey the “Construction – street closed” signs that have been blocking my route home for the last month?  Absolutely.  You see, while traffic rules have a certain logic, they are built around cars, not bikes.  A moving bike is a safer bike, as momentum allows you to skirt obstacles and avoid danger from any direction.  Sitting motionless in the road at a stop sign or light, a cyclist is at his or her most vulnerable.  Better, then, to slow down, look carefully and keep moving if the way is clear.  The idea is to be critical, to not slavishly accept and obey the traffic rules just because they are there.  Recognize that your safety comes first.

2. Don’t pay attention to bike lanes. Hell, nobody else in the city does.  I routinely encounter buses, double-parked cars, delivery vans, wrong-way skateboarders and inebriated pedestrians blocking bike lanes.  Always be prepared to take the lane.  Plus, many bike lanes put you solidly in the “door zone” when you’re anywhere on the inner two-thirds of the lane.  That’s not much of a problem when traveling uphill, but a major issue on downhill bike lanes.  Always take the lane – not the bike lane, the whole damn thing – when traveling downhill.

3. Better aggressive than meek. While stupidly aggressive riding is problematic and dangerous, overly-cautious riding is also a problem.  Riders who are afraid to assert themselves in traffic are a danger to themselves and other riders.  Seeking refuge from traffic, they ride too close to the curb, where the pavement sucks, junk abides and car doors and pedestrians are apt to strike at any moment.  They give up their precious momentum when moments of indecision strike, cutting back on their options and imperiling riders behind them.  Riders new to city streets should accept their trepidation and actively work to overcome it.  As this study about traffic deaths among London cyclists found, an abundance of caution in riding is not a benefit.

4. Pacelines are very bad. Riding on someone’s wheel is fine when you’re spinning out in the country, but not so good in the city.  You’ve got no idea whether they’re a confident rider, or if they’re going to suddenly brake because someone’s puppy gets too close to the curb.  Be cautious of other riders and give them a wide berth, particularly if they look skitterish or cautious.

5. Variety is not the spice of life. Save the mixing it up for whatever else you like to do for fun.  You’re riding a bike to and from work for chrissakes, isn’t that fun enough?  You don’t need to alter your route just to add variety.  Knowing your route – every pothole, blind right turn and nasty intersection of it – is critical to riding safely.  Be predictable in your riding and your route.  Get a tattoo or something if your route isn’t exciting enough.

6. Don’t signal. Look, let’s be honest here – most bike riders don’t know what a right-hand turn signal looks like, let alone drivers.   Signaling is just not going to be useful most of the time, and engaging in the pointless pursuit means taking one hand off your handlebars.  I’ll start signaling when I get nice smooth streets, but until then I’m keeping both hands on the grips.  Go ahead and signal if it’s helpful to a driver and you can do it safely, but dispense with that dumb-ass right turn signal nonsense.  Just point where you’re going.

7. Don’t stand on your rights. Yeah, you’ve got a bike lane, or the right-of-way, or whatever.  It doesn’t matter.  The laws of physics trump all traffic rules.  A bus is entering the bike lane to meet a stop right ahead of you?  Don’t try to pass in the bike lane.  Ditto for drivers making right turns, clueless pedestrians and lost dogs.  Ride like your life is on the line.  Do what’s safest and most predictable to others in the road, even if that means giving up “your” lane or, God forbid, stopping.

8. Take the lane. This is a key skill for all urban riders.  Visibility and safety demand that you be able to take the lane any time.  If circumstances feel the least bit dodgy, take the lane.  It may piss drivers off, but better a honk than getting doored or run over.  This is particularly true when it’s not fully safe for a driver to pass you with enough clearance.  If there’s any doubt, don’t tempt drivers to pass you – take the lane and block them, even (especially?) if they honk.

9. Don’t be a right-winger. I see this all the time:  cyclists waiting at a red light, hanging at the right corner.  Or passing traffic through a green light, on the right.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  This is the number one way to get hit when riding in the city.  The cars won’t see you as they’re trying to turn right, and they’ll plow right into you or pull across you when you don’t have time to stop.  This is why cities like Portland have installed so many bike boxes:  The safest place to be at a red light is at the front of the line of traffic.  Failing that, take the lane and take your turn with the cars.  Just don’t think you should use the right lane when going through intersection.

10. Wear a helmet, stupid. I seem to see more helmets in Seattle than in Manhattan, where wearing one must be against the law.  But still – too many fixie hipsters and other too-cool types are cruising around with helmets.  I like that as much as the next guy when cruising on the beach or a resort bike trail somewhere, but the city is HARD.  There’s lots of stuff that will jump up and bite you, and a crack in the pavement or an errant car door can smack your head before you know it.  It’s too high a price to pay for fashion, and besides – there are lots of cool bike helmets starting to hit the market.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happiness is...

Photo Credit: ME

...A full Bike Rack

Brought BOB (Big Orange Bike) into town with me today so I could make it to the Flock of Cycles ride tonight. Even with the chilly weather the Bike Rack at the garage was full.

Got to love it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Photo Credit: Rik C

Something happened to me recently. I am thinking that this is something that has happened slowly over the past few months and I am only now beginning to understand it. I realized the other day as I was walking down the street. I passed several bikes locked up at bike racks and I realized that I recognized several of the bikes from the bike ride last week. I began to realize that I am becoming part of the cycling community. I find that I like the idea of becoming a part of community.

I’ll admit that when I first began to dip my toes into this community I was a little fearful of what I would find. After all I am not what anyone thinks of when they think of cyclist. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be accepted by the community here in Pittsburgh. I was worried that I would be looked down upon because I am a Fatguy on an Orange Bike

I am not a girl pants wearing hipster riding my fixie, playing polo and drinking either PBR or some strange named specialty beer.

I am not a Lycra wearing Roadie riding my carbon fiber bike and worrying about getting my miles in.

I am not an environmentalist who wants to ban all cars and use bicycles to change the world.

I’m not any of these things and yet I am welcomed into the community simply because I like bikes.

Bike Sub

Photo Credit: Make Magazine

Underwater Biking anyone. This showed up in my news feed today and since the blog is for all things interesting and all things biking I figure this fits.

head over to  for all the info

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chez KiKi

Found over at Thanks Urban Jeff

Vintage Bike PrOn

Photo Credit: Make Magazine

Found over on MAKE this 1896 book on design and construction of all types of pedal powered loveliness is a fully (and legally) downloadable file over at google books. hit up the links below for more info.

Article over at MAKE
Book Download

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Butch Chicks

Photo Credit: Me

You see some pretty strange things in the strip district on a Friday night. Some of them are more disturbing than others. The image above may have scarred me for life. What you see above is what I found when I got to the Bike-PGH offices.

All in all the ride was amazing and has me looking forward to all the others Rides.  I took the bus part of the way and rode my bike the rest of the way. After the ride I rode my bike to town and threw the bike on the bus and rode home.  Now I know that I can get to the ride, enjoy the ride and get home all in one piece, I am way more willing to go out to these rides.

You can check out the photos of the ride over at the flickr site of the rather talented photographer named Rob. I tried to get some photos with the Iphone but I am pretty much a blind epileptic with a crayon when it come to taking picture. So just check out Rob's Photos by CLICKING HERE

Photo Credit by Robjdlc

This was at the beginning of the ride and you see that we had quite a crowd. We had men (and women) in tuxes and dresses, we even had a DJ playing classic 80's Wedding reception Music. Perhaps the most interesting thing was the responses the group got as we rode down the strip and into town.

Got another ride on Friday. Looking forward to it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Sunday is my Birthday and Celebrate I did a couple things. First I took today off to try and enjoy myself. I also stopped at Thick Bikes and picked up the last couple of parts I needed to finish the Project. Last night I finished the Bike and today I took it out for its First Test Ride.

I wasn't Looking Forward to this.

As you all may know this project, while fun and very educational, was a huge PAIN IN THE... well you know. So as I took the first ride on the bike I was totally prepared for the bike to fall into pieces as soon as I got up to speed. Things went way better than I thought. I found a few loose bolts and I needed to adjust the brakes. I also learned something else.

My legs are nowhere as strong as I thought they were. I had to change from the big chain-ring to the smaller chain-ring. Effectively  switching from 9th gear to 3rd gear.

I also Picked up the tool kit you see below. I had two of the tools you see below in my hand (BB tool and Pedal Wrench) when I realized that for 10 bucks more I could get this whole kit.

So what I am saying is.

Happy Birthday to Me

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Found a Cure

Photo Credit: Cuito Cuanavale

Ok not a cure, but perhaps a treatment. I was (and still am) feeling quiet anti-social but this story about  Dedicated to putting 1000 bikes into the hands of foster kids each year.

Yeah even I have stop and realize I am focusing to much on the negative.

Thanks to

My Bitter is Showing

Photo Credit: Marko82

I'm not really sure why it happens, or how I get started down these swirling rabbit holes of what can only be called a shot of seething anger followed with a chaser of impotent rage. (If your laughing cause I said impotent then stop reading now, and go ask your mommy to slap you for being an immature child  -  Yes that bitter)

My days don't start this way, well not all of them start this way, Ok today started this way but I'm sure that has nothing to do with it.

here are a couple of the threads that set me off today (Ok I came up with the titles myself)

911 is staffed by total TARDS
Sandcastle is run by uncaring A-Holes
The D on a car shifty thingie stands for D-Bag
People in General Suck

Sure there were some positive threads and Yes I am one part away from finishing the Ventura, but I think what really gets me are not the people who are pissed off, but the people who call for calmness. Since October 1st I have gotten 62 news articles that google alerts has pulled up for the term "Cyclist Killed"  Yes some of them have been duplicates but still 62 articles in 11 days?

The Police Don't take us seriously.
Politicians and their two faced cronies Lie to our faces.
Port Authority Bus Drives seem to think trying to hit us is a game.

Our Complaints are never taken seriously and really why should they be? We don't do anything after the complaint. They tell us to go away and like the abused child we have been convinced that we are, We go away.

Why do we always Go Away.

Why can't we start our complaint with "Hello, yes this call is being recorded and will be on the internet within moments of me hanging up, I have a complaint about one of your drivers, but first can I have YOUR Full Name and position please." and end the complaint with "If you or another person would like to call me back with the resolution of this complaint I would be happy to post that conversation as well." Fair is Fair after all.

How great would it be to see groups of Cyclist blocking entry to Sandcastle's (everyone talks about how that wont make us any friends but they seem to forget WE DONT HAVE ANY FRIENDS) and when one group is taken away (yes TAKEN AWAY) another group takes their place.  Hopefully with video and news coverage.

I know it wont happen, but I can dream

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bing Bang Boom

Photo Credit: Me

So you can see I am making some progress. I found out that this progress comes at a price. I picked up two new tubes and two new tires.

I know what your thinking. Where is the other tire.

Yeah about that, it seems that when I was pumping the tire up and watching the pressure gauge for it to get up to the 80-90 PSI range. I looked down just in time to watch the tire go BOOM. yeah it was kind of scary. So back to square one on that one. Still it is good to see some progress.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ventura - Progress

Photo Credit: Me

Well it seems as if I am finally beginning to make some progress in putting the Ventura back together. as you can see I have forks and brakes back on. I need to get a new Bottom Bracket (including cranks chainring and pedals), Stem, brake levers (maybe) and cables. You know only most of the bike.

My plan is for it to be a single speed so I wont be putting the derailleurs back on and will keep an eye peeled for a good deal on a single speed 27" wheel. For now im gonna use the one that came with it and just shorten the chain.

After all the false starts with painting I am happy to be actually putting parts on the bike. I only wonder what adventures putting it back together is going to hold for me.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Deathwatch - 9-30

Photo Credit: Chefranden

I set up a Google Alert for the terms "Cyclist Killed" so each day when I get home I get email reminding me that we as cyclists will never be taken seriously.

Two riders die in crashes
Brisbane Times
Meanwhile, a cyclist died after a collision with a truck in Cairns yesterday afternoon. Initial investigations suggest the bike and truck collided after ...

Cyclist's death prompts safety review at busy road junction
Yorkshire Post
By Simon Bristow A SAFETY review is to be carried out at one of Hull's busiest junctions, a month after a cyclist was killed when a lorry shed its load. ...

Top "Volunteer City" Comes To Aid of Injured Cyclist
LOUIS, MO ( - A hit-and-run accident could have killed him just last week. Wednesday night, an injured bike rider got a big boost on the ...

Save a Cyclist...Stop Distracted Driving
She was 30 years old, a Green Party candidate for Senator in Maryland, and killed this month in the early morning hours by being struck from behind by a ...

Cyclist critically hurt after 'blackspot' crash
Lancashire Evening Post
And in March 2008 Sameer Vohra, 34, was killed and four other people were injured when a Peugeot and HGV collided on a bend on the A59 Whalley Road. ...

Fatal crash blocks freeway
The Age
A woman cyclist died in a collision with a semi-trailer in West Melbourne on Tuesday morning. Police said the woman was riding towards the city on Footscray ...

'Ghost bikes' stand in memory of fallen cyclists
Los Angeles Times
... number of bicyclists killed. "I'm never confident that there will be a last fight," Todd said. Police, meanwhile, announced the death of another cyclist ...

How many of these articles will you have to read before you decide enough is enough?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Death Watch - 9-29-10

Photo Credit: Chefranden

I set up a Google Alert for the terms "Cyclist Killed" so each day when I get home I get email reminding me that we as cyclists will never be taken seriously.


Cyclist killed in Leesburg traffic accident
Orlando Sentinel
By Arelis Hernandez, Orlando Sentinel A 53-year-old Leesburg cyclist was struck and killed by an elderly motorist in a Leesburg traffic accident Tuesday ...

Reward Offered in Death of Hit-and-Run Cyclist
My Fox 8
LIBERTY, NC (WGHP) - A Florida-based advocacy group is offering a $500 reward for the arrest and conviction of whoever killed a bicyclist in a hit-and-run ...

Tributes are paid to three local people killed on county roads
This Is Boston
Cyclist Keith Carr, 60, from Coles Lane, Swineshead, died at Pilgrim Hospital from injuries he suffered during a collision with a Vauxhall van near the ...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Deathwatch 9-27 - 9-28

Photo Credit: Chefranden

I set up a Google Alert for the terms "Cyclist Killed" so each day when I get home I get email reminding me that we as cyclists will never be taken seriously.

There are way to many items on this list for things to be right.


Cyclist killed after being hit by truck at Docklands
Melbourne Leader
A FEMALE cyclist has died after being hit by a truck in Footscray Rd, West Melbourne. The accident happened about 9.30am in the outbound lanes near the City ...

Cyclist Kristopher “Spermy” Chuc, 17, dies in road accident
One of Belize's up-and-coming cyclists, Kristopher “Spermy” Chuc, 17, a member of the Cayo High Road Cycling Team, was knocked down and killed on Thursday, ...

Teen girl's iPod death
New Zealand Herald
It is believed to be the third case in the past year in which a pedestrian or cyclist listening to an iPod has been distracted and killed. ...

Female cyclist killed by truck
3AW (blog)

Legal board issues McGee statement
ABC Online
Mr McGee hit and killed her partner, cyclist Ian Humphrey, on the Kapunda Road north of Adelaide in 2003, then left the scene. In its statement, the board ...

Bereaved dad's plea over death road
Chorley Guardian
A father of a teenage cyclist says more traffic calming measures are needed on the road where he died after the latest accident. ...

Cyclists think safety after fatal hit and run
Cyclists want folks behind the wheel to keep in mind there's a person out there on the bicycle, who can be seriously hurt or even killed. ...

Men killed in separate road crashes on same day are named
This is Lincolnshire
Police have also named a cyclist killed on the A17 at Bicker Bar roundabout near Swineshead last Friday. Keith Edwin Carr, of Coles Lane, Swineshead, ...

Breakdown deaths arrests
Blacktown Sun
In the second incident, a male cyclist was hit and killed by a truck while he was riding with three others in the breakdown lane of the M4 on April 10. ...

Decision On Charges In Fatal Bike Accident Weeks Away
Topeka (WIBW) - A decision on charges in the death of a Topeka cyclist won't be made until toxicology reports are back. Dakota Loomis, spokesperson for ...


Cyclist killed after being struck by two vehicles
(Tom Stefanac / CTV News) A cyclist died Sunday night after being struck by two vehicles in Toronto's west end. Police say the cyclist was travelling south ...

Cyclist killed in hit-and-run
Orangeville Banner
At about 1:30 am a lone cyclist was riding east on Highway 89 in East Luther Grand Valley township when he was struck and killed. ...

Cyclist killed on Durban road
East Coast Radio
By Thrishni Subramoney A cyclist has died after being hit by a truck on Durban's Francois Road this morning. Emergency services say the 40-year-old man ...

Police Search for Truck Involved in Cyclist's Death
My Fox 8
LIBERTY, NC (WGHP) - Investigators are searching for a Ford pickup truck that allegedly struck and killed a cyclist on Highway 421 in Liberty this weekend. ...

Updated: 2009 road casualty stats show UK cycling deaths continuing to fall
More than 80% of cyclists killed or seriously injured (KSI) last year were male, compared with around 60% of pedestrians and car occupants and 90% of ...

Two dead in overnight collisions
Toronto Sun
He was the first cyclist to be killed on a Toronto street this year, Smith said. Anyone with information about either collision was asked to contact police ...

Rossi promises separated bike lanes
Toronto Star
The policy statement also came hours after a cyclist was killed Sunday night when he was hit by two cars while trying to cross busy Lake Shore Blvd. W. at ...

Widow's last chance for justice: Xenophon
ABC Online
It has been made against lawyer Eugene McGee by the widow of cyclist Ian Humphrey who was killed in 2003. The Senator says it could be Di Gilcrist's last ...

No tickets on cars defying Beach Rd park ban
Bayside Leader
“The Coroner's report into the death of James Gould, who was killed by a training cyclist on an endurance run, outlines why these sports cyclists compromise ...


Photo Credit: ME

That is what the front tire of my bike looked like when I was run off the road in the early weeks of May. Its no big deal it has all been fixed, new tire, new tube and liner. A few weeks of antibacterial spray for the road rash and for the most part I'm Ok as well.

'For the most part'. Four very tricky words.

You see one of the longer lasting effects of my crash (aside from the ache in my shoulder and a kicking Tattoo) is that I have become sensitive to the context of being a cyclist. Perhaps "sensitized" is a better term.   Before the crash I never gave to much thought to other cyclist out there, I was in my own little world.

That has changed.

Right after the crash while I was telling my family what happened another person (someone I never knew) was struck and killed while riding his bike. Three months later I rode in the Don Parker Memorial Ride into town to ask the DA (insert name) why no charges had been filed against the driver who admitted that he was at fault.

Mike Manko lied to our faces.

This was the beginning of the end of my trust.

Time after time I have read, and seen as cyclists are forced off the road, hit, run down and killed. over and over I have heard the same thing. NO Charges, All summer long, the closest thing I have seen to charges has been a 500$ distracted driving charge.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bamboo Bike

Photo Credit: Make:Online

Found this online over at Make:
Find the whole link here

Rebar Bike

Photo Credit: Matt

Found this online. hit up the link for more photos.

Also found on


Photo Credit: Make:Online

Found this on Make a bent birch bike frame. Made in a similar way as the birch strip canoe. You can read the whole Instructable here.

Doug Hinderliter sent me a link to the wonderful wooden bike over at

Photo Credit:dpbrown3000

Check out the link to see the whole build from the ground up.

Thanks Doug!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A running Joke

Photo Credit:

Well it seems I have found the problem in the ongoing saga of Bike Frame Painting. After several attempts, some more successful than others but all failures in the end I have learned an important lesson.

I have found the Weak Link.

"Hello Weak link" I say to myself.

I suffer from the pitiful combonation of exacting vision and total lack of patience.  I not only know just how I want the bike to look but I also know (in my mind) just how to achieve this. I am somewhat hampered by the small matter that I have the attention span of red bull addicted 4 year old and the patience to match.

Still as G.I Joe says "Knowing is half the Battle"  So once again I found myself brushing scraping and sanding, only to head back out to the dustbowl of a work area to put the first coat of Red paint on the frame. Yeah Yeah I know the bike is going to be orange but the red paint is also a rust proofing so it is going to make up the first coat.

Now I just need someone to come over and take the frame away from me for a few days so I cant play with it until I can put the next coat of paint on.  I have to admit I am starting to feel pressured since I have to get the paint on the bike before the weather gets to bad to work outside. My plan is to get the paint done and over the winter get the rest of the bike put together for its unveiling in spring.

Is it wrong for the weight of the paint to be greater than the weight of the steel in the bike?

That's pretty much normal right?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Knife Sharpening Bike

Photo Credit: Make:Online

So I found this in my Google Reader today. Always amazes me at how little we think of own bodies as engines, when for thousands of years our bodies were the most common engine in use.

Read the whole story over at BikeHacks

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dr Albert Varacallo - Ghost Bike

Sunday Sept 19 - 2010

Ride of Silence in DuBois Pa and placing of a yet another Ghost Bike. Yet again it seems as if the default position of the police is that the cyclist is at fault and no charges or investigation is expected.

Things like this upset me more than I can say.

I am upset because a man was killed and the powers that be put so little value on his life.
(The person who killed Don Parker was fined 500$)

I am upset because what happened here is NOT the exception but the rule. The more I hear about these accidents the more I see the same story over and over.

I just noticed this on the Bike PGH forums as I was writing this.
MD Senate candidate is struck and killed by SUV (Read Forum Posting Here)

Here is an excerpt from the forum posting (Thanks Mick)
Interesting article

Some excerps:
"Police say initial reports had not found any reflective clothing or materials near the crime scene or on Pettigrew."


"9NEWS NOW found pieces of reflective plastic just a few feet from the accident scene as well as a reflective sneaker which Pettigrew's mother identified as the victim's."

Way to do your job, Police...

 I am upset by this not just because of them, but also because of US (Cyclists)
We want to work 'within the system'
We want to show a 'positive face'
We want to be 'respectful'

Personally I am getting tired of being 'Respectful' to people who don't respect me. I am tired of showing a 'Positive Face' in the face of verbal abuse, and dangerous actions. The past has shown us that we are not 'Within the system'.

What am I saying, Am I calling for ULock Justice?


Am I calling for groups of cyclist in black taking down the drivers who are a danger to us

NO (but it is a thought)

What I am saying is that until we as cyclists need to be more vocal and more visible. This may mean crossing the line from 'Memorial Ride' to 'Protest'. This may mean dropping the Positive Face and letting people know that we aren't going to just sit back and take it anymore.

If it means I don't have to write about another cyclist run down and then blamed for it, then I can live with that.

World Car Free Day

Today is World Car Free Day and I would urge you all to take a little time today to just think about how you could use your car a little less today.

Think about what being a little less car dependent would mean to you.

Think about walking to the store instead of driving.

What kind of change would that mean?

Would you have to decide what is really important to buy?

Would you have a new outlook on your purchases?
(weight instead of price)
(need over want)

Would you consume less if you knew that taking the last slices of bread meant either a bike ride to the store at night or no toast with breakfast?

Would you understand that a car as a tool is a great and wonderful thing.
A Car as a master is cruel and that handicaps you and teaches you "I Can't"

Leave the car at home, take the extra time to think

Take the extra time to learn "I CAN"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No really Progress this time

Photo Credit: Me

Well After the last post (Somedays you win) I took some serious time to consider what I needed to do. The first thing I decided was that I needed to start fresh. So I will repeat this and consider a new part of the Bible (Fatguy's Painting Bible) from the book of Primer Chapter 3 Verse 4 (Primer 3:4) Primer covers a multitude of sins. So I put on 3 coats of Rust resistant Primer and (the red) and two coats of filler primer (the gray) after a good hour of wet sanding I headed back outside to put a couple coats of black on the top tube.

This is the other thing I decided - This bike is going to be the new FatguyOrangebike Bike. So I placed the vinyl letters on as you see them there.  I did this on both sides of the Top Tube and tomorrow I will add several coats of orange to the upper part of the bike.

Once the Orange is on I will place the rest of the letters and then add a over layer of white on the top tube and hopefully people will be astounded at just how cool the custom FatGuyOrangeBike will look. 

So until the next layer I'll leave you with these photos and let me know what you think.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Somedays you win

And others you lose. Today was such a day (as far as the bike goes) I picked up some pretty cool looking purple to use as an accent color. with the bike taped off I painted it.

Two Words

Massive Fail.

As you can tell from my lack of photo here (I dont even want to take a picture of what the frame looks like let alone post one here.) so starting next week it is back to the wire wheel as I work to take the paint off the bike and begin again.  Anyone know how much it would cost to have my bike bead blasted back down to bare metal?)

I will still go with the orange, I like the orange, I like it alot, it is just everything else about the bike that was all wrong. Gonna need to rethink this whole thing.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fork U - and other things

Photo Credit:Me

Well, Its been a busy week so far. I did manage to get the forks for the Ventura primed and one coat of orange on them. Looks like I will be stopping by the Autoparts Store tomorrow and picking up another can of paint (or two) since The orange is pretty much empty. I have several coats of Orange left to put on the forks and Truth be told I still haven't decided if I want to use Black as the Accent Color. Im going to throw the question up on the Bike-PGH Forums and see what the fine folks there have to say.

I did mention a Busy Week Right? I thought so.  Over the Past two days I have been spending my evenings sitting at intersections counting Bikes (and everything else) as they rode past as part of some Bike transportation census.

It has been an educational couple of days.

I have learned that,
Almost no girls ride bikes (yes I know this is false but My data says it)
Less than half of you wear a helmet! (however almost all the girls did)
More of you ride on the Sidewalk in Pittsburgh than the Street.

And we wonder why cars think we don't belong on the street?

Tommorrow I will be counting Bikes at the 9th st Bridge so after that I will post my numbers for the three bridges.

Finally this week I managed to strip the old nasty Fiber Tape off the handlebars of the Ventura. However I am struck with the rather awkward position on putting all the work into getting the crap off of them and then not being sure I want to put this style of Handlebars back on the Bike. I have several different sets of handlebars on hand (so to speak) and I did manage to get the stem un-stuck (all it took was every bit of my strength and almost every swear word I knew.) so I think I will try out several different styles before I decide on drops.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ventura - Painting Continues

Photo Credit: Me

Painting continues. I spent my free time yesterday taping up the lugs on the bike and my free time today after counting cyclist downtown taking a razor to the tape and getting things ready for the next layer of paint. Granted I haven't decided what color to use as the next color. Part of me is thinking black but another part is leaning towards white. I think the black will make a stronger contrast but the white will make for a more visible bike.

I also noticed several spots that need another coat of orange paint or seven. Finally got the stem freed from the forks and put the first coat of primer on them. Several more coats of primer and I will be able to add color. The question is, Do I want the forks to be orange or the accent color.

Let me know what you think.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Contour 1080p Helmet cam

Photo Credit Engadget

So the guys over at Engadget have reviewed the Contour GPS 1080p Helmet cam and you can read the whole review over at their site. The Embedded GPS allows your videos to also have a Google Maps based interface that will show position, altitude and speed next to the video.

From the review it is said that these 349$ cams will be popping up in some of the higher end helmets soon.

Link to Engadget Article

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ventura - Head Badge

Photo Credit: ME

Here is the head Badge, after I managed to get it off the head tube and spray it with black paint. Parts of this will be filled in with orange paint. Just not sure which parts yet. Here is a photo of the what it looked like before.

So you can judge what changes have been made.